How to Save on College Textbooks

Every college student knows that purchasing textbooks for the semester costs a lot. As the price of a single book typically ranges from $100 to $200 dollars the textbook expenses can reach up to $2,000 a year. As college books are so expensive, many students are looking for ways to save on them. Below are some tips that will help you considerably reduce your book costs.

Avoid Going to the Bookstore.

Forget about going to the bookstore every time you need a textbook. First try to find the book you need at the cheaper price elsewhere. Go to the bookstore only if you failed to find the book at the lower price or need to buy highly specialized textbooks which are hard to find elsewhere.

Purchase Books Online.

Buying books online you will save pretty much money. The best online source of cheap college textbooks is This online store offers a huge selection of books and textbooks at great prices. Plus you can save even more if you use AbeBooks coupon codes with your online order.

Borrow Books.

Ask your friends or family members whether they have the college books you need, so they could lend the books to you. Consider bartering books with other students.

Buy Used Books.

You can save money on your college books by buying used ones as they normally cost even less than half the price of the new books.

Buy an Earlier Edition.

If having the latest edition is not so important, purchase an earlier edition which is cheaper. These 5 stores to check for cheaper & easier free shipping will enable you to save on delivery.

Check out E-books.

Most textbooks are available online as electronic versions of their paperback books. Purchasing e-books is much less expensive than paperbacks. So, check out e-books to save.

Download Free e-Books.

Instead of purchasing e-books consider searching for free e-books online. These books can be downloaded as a PDF files so you could save them on your computer.

Rent Your College Textbooks.

If you are not going to use the book when the semester is over, you had better rent it.

Buy the International Edition of the Book.

Try to find the international edition of the book which usually costs less. Although it may have a different cover and the chapters may be arranged in different order, the content remains the same.

Share with a Friend.

If you won't be using the book too often, you can buy it together with a friend and take turns studying.

Check the University Library.

Finally you can study in the university library and cut back on your textbook expenses. You may order the book in advance to have it available when you need it. The interlibrary loan system might be helpful as well. If the book you need is not available in your university library consider checking the public libraries.
As you see it is not difficult to save money on college textbooks. Just be creative and use multiple resources. Of course, using the strategies mentioned above is not as convenient as buying a paperback book by yourself but the money saved will enable you to purchase something you will need more.