How to Buy Cheap College Textbooks on eBay

Apart from tuition costs textbooks are one of the most expensive things college students have to purchase. But you can pay the fraction of the price you would normally pay for the brand new book if you buy your textbooks on eBay. In fact you could save lots of money each semester if you shop there. Below are some tips that will help you save hundreds of dollars while in college.

  1. Look for the Older Edition.
  2. Check out eBay for an older version of the textbook you need. Very often publishing companies reprint the same editions so you can get the book with the same content for less. If your class is going to use brand new textbooks for the course, postpone buying the textbook right away. Just ask the instructor if you could use the edition you have found. But this strategy won't do for mathematics though.

  3. Purchase Used Textbooks.
  4. Most of the used textbooks available on eBay are in rather good condition. Just watch out whether the used textbook you want to purchase was heavily highlighted.

  5. Search Through all the Listings.
  6. Make sure you check all of the listings that match your search, including those without pictures and in the seller's stores. Don't restrict your choice not to skip a good deal.

  7. Bid on Textbooks Right.
  8. Be patient and wait for the last 1-2 minutes of the auction to start bidding. If you bid too early the price of the textbook will skyrocket.

  9. Don't Bother with the CDs
  10. If the textbook you have found on eBay has no CD, you can still buy it. Many teachers are just not using these CDs. The only exception is textbooks with CDs for computer classes. But in case you have the software required for the computer class then buying a used computer textbook without CDs won't be a problem.

  11. Use Coupons with you Purchase
  12. Use eBay promo codes every time you purchase textbooks on eBay to get extra discount and save even more.