Can Books Effect Language Skills Within Our Children?

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There are studies that show scientifically the books your children read effect their language skills. The connection is there from eye to mind. A 2006 study held comparisons of small children's comprehensive ability to understand the steps of a task through 3 different book types. The 3 book types were; a colorful picture book, a book with colorful illustrations and lastly a book with black and white illustrations.

The study showed some indefinite results. Color photos have the most impact on toddlers who are eighteen months old. Colored illustrations and colored photos have the same effect on toddlers whom are over twenty four months old. Then lastly, thirty month olds and over all needed to view all three types of books in order to have comprehension. This study proves the content of a book has an effect on their developmental understanding.

The study was truly testing the children's ability to react to different symbol types. A symbol ultimately means something else. For example we recognize a stop sign by its color begin red and its eight sided shape. A picture is a more concrete symbol because it closely resembles the symbol that is replicating in a very realistic manner. A black and white symbol too can resemble the very real item but in a less realistic way. It depends on the child to decide which symbolism accommodates their comprehension best.

The use of this ability to comprehend symbols is called your symbolic skill set. Toys can also contribute to symbolism. For example a teacup is a symbol for an actual real life, everyday tea cup. Words can also double as symbols. As children develop they can face challenges in learning languages. Not every child can comprehend from toys and hearing their families speak around them. In this case it is highly important to invest in books to aid your child's language learning process. There books with symbolic skill sets based within them that have been scientifically proven to help. All you need to do is make sure you are getting your child the correct symbolic books for his or her age group.