Alabama Arrests For Over Due Library Books

Thebookhouse The Athens-Limestone Public Library

An Alabama library is planning to enforce new rules when it come to borrowing books. The Athens-Limestone Public Library have reportedly been warning their customers that real jail time is a possible consequence for failing to return borrowed books on time. The new rules are being implemented in an effort to recover almost two hundred thousand dollars worth of over due books. The new policy also includes fines of over one hundred dollars as well as thirty days of city jail time. Athens-Limestone Public Library feels that it is necessary to enforce such strict rules due to repeat offenders stealing from not only the library but from the taxpayers dollars as well.

The library is now comparing the borrowed books to borrowing hundreds of dollars of clothing with no plans on returning them. These repeat offenders can owe large amounts of money over time. If one offender borrowed twenty five books - each book itself could possibly retail for twenty five dollars. Do the math.

If you currently obtain overdue books you still have a chance to return them prior to authorities getting involved. The library plans to begin with notifying borrowers of their overdue books through email or text. If no reply is warranted, the library will take action through a certified letter with a warning that states - said borrower has ten days to return all overdue books and pay all fines due. Further action will be taken if the certified letter is ignored; a court summons is then issued which could result in jail time or additional fines. Children will be exempt from these new policies.