8 New York Times Recommended Books to Read This Summer

Coming home from a long day to a good book by the bed has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Or knowing you have a great book to read along the poolside, on the beach, or under a tree in the shade is one of life’s small pleasures. The New York Times staff and critics have put together a list of summer reading recommendations to make your selection process that much easier.

  1. The Girls by author Emma Cline - This debut novel has publishing houses raving. It is a story of growing up in Northern California during the late 1960s. The story focuses in on a teenage girl who finds herself joining a cult much like Charles Manson’s. This novel will have you on the edge of your seat and is sure to haunt your long, warm, summer nights.
  2. Diane Arbus; Portrait of a Photographer by author Arthur Lubow - Diane Arbus is one of the most pivotal and jaw dropping photographers in the history of photography. She is best known for her photos of cross dressers, dwarfs, giants and side show freaks. This biography of an artist pioneering her own way in the world is of focus at the Met Breuer show that opens on July 12th.
  3. A Trilogy - This is a collection of books recommendation of Charles Wright’s complete Novels. It consists of his trilogy of The Messenger, The Wig, and Absolutely Nothing to Get Alarmed About which were all published over the years of 1963 - 1973. They all focus on a young, blue collar black intellectual. The novels are said to be pessimistic, brutal, and scaldingly hilarious.
  4. The Innocent Have Nothing To Fear by author Stuart Stevens - Lets keep it real, you are going to hear about the 2016 presidential election race all summer long. So, Stuart Stevens figures you may as well milk it for its comedic relief. Stuart Stevens is a republican political strategist as well as a former TV writer and nonfiction fanatic. He manages to take a story based around a populist whom also happens to be an anti-immigrant republican candidate and gives it the comedic spin you wont soon forget. Hmm I wonder whoever gave him that idea..
  5. Here Comes The Sun by author Nicole Dennis-Benn - the novel takes place in Jamaica and is based around what really happens behind those perfectly poised front desk clerks at the beautiful Montego Bay Resort. The novel also touches on the lives of the women who sell trinkets and jewelry to the tourists that frequent Jamaica. Have you ever wondered what they are really thinking? You will be surprised at what you might discover.
  6. Something Fresh by author P.G. Wodehouse - This book is the perfect remedy if a friend is in need of a pick me up. Pick it up and find out why.
  7. You’ll Grow Out of It by author Jessi Klein - Jessi Klien is a stand up comedian based out of New York City. She is also a head writer for shows like Inside Amy Schmer. You'll Grow Out of It is a book full of autobiographical essays and it will have you excited to turn the next page.
  8. Ninety - Nine Stories Of God by author Joy Williams - This is a small follow up to Joy Williams new releases. The novel contains ninety nine short pieces, some literally just a sentence, about the directly or not so directly divine source or purpose.